Payment Block – Every Company’s Nightmare


Payment block is simply the blockage of payments. It can either be due to dues not being cleared on time or past dues that has been staying for longer time or for any other legal matter. With payment blockage most of the work comes to halt. This might take place even when payment that is to be done is kept till the last moment.

Companies, sometimes those who retail the Kanken backpack, often have a tough time as these payment blocks can hinder transactions that need to be taken care of on daily or urgent basis, it also make negative impact on the corporate relations. Not just that, whole reputation of the company will have a question mark. Losing business is not a small loss it’s a nightmare for most of the companies as surviving in such competitive business environment is getting tougher day by day.

Companies must learn and take a step toward avoiding such blockage. Here are some tips which can come handy to overcome such situations.

  1. Keep track of your payments

With the payments in track and knowledge on where the money is going one can definitely save oneself from payment blocks. A better system can be introduced in the company if it is not available so as to support tracking of payment. Keeping track of your payments companies can make more profit and keep oneself way far from the problem of payment blocks.

  1. Have people you trust

Money matters are very delicate and needs very close supervision as lots of fraud can take place which can end you up with payment blocks. Therefore, make sure you have people you trust to look into such matters.

  1. Hire professionals

Systems can be quite complicated and only the knowledge of accountancy and money might not be enough. So to have a better understanding and effective utilization hire professionals who are experts in such fields. These people can bring wonders to your company and can definitely work towards bringing more cash inside the organization.

  1. Get your corporate relations to use

At times due to misunderstanding or technical reasons, payments are blocked. That doesn’t mean that the company is not worth the business, so for this reason it is very important to understand the situation and give them a chance – especially if they have good reviews from other vendors. Corporate relations do come handy when such situations are to be handled.

  1. Keep your attorney ready

It is a must for every organization to have a good attorney to work when in need. With companies trying their level best to beat its competitors there can be many conspiracies and business proposals being made. While in the process frauds and forgery might take place with your payment systems; ending you up into trouble if attorneys are not consulted in the beginning itself.

  1. Keep yourself clean

The best way to handle the payment block system is to keep oneself clean. But doing all things in a legal way and not letting anyone point you out for your money and payment work.