Sending a Payment Reminder Via Voicemail


With different payment reminders, voicemail is one of them. Voicemail is one of the most used methods to remind people regarding their payments. In yester years voicemails were used more in the western countries than in the eastern countries – except often by companies who manufactured food steamers for export. But today even countries in the east are using voicemails to keep up with their customer service.

Voicemails are computer based system that makes it easier for users and subscribers to exchange messages through the means of personal voice message. Payment reminder by voicemails can be beneficial as people tend to check their voicemails at least once a day. If the voicemails are creative and funny people do tend to give their ears to it than to rest of the messages that they have in voicemails.

Payment reminders via voicemails are as useful as other means to remind customers regarding their delay payment or dues and over dues. With the world being overtaken by technology, innovative and creative payment reminders that are attention grabbing and have a personal touch is definitely going to customers head. With so many things going on in everyday basis, it’s hard to keep in track of all the payments that needs to be done in so many places. Therefore, it’s a must that reminders should be short, simple and innovative.

Payment reminders via voicemails gets more attention when the voicemail are focused more on the purpose of the call than on other issues, critical information needs to be placed on the top so that the customers do not cut that information, repeating the same information over and over again can be really annoying; hence such things should be considered, tones and volume while sending the voicemails should be suitable, so that it is pleasing to the ears of customers.

In similar manner, one should try changing the greetings or the manner the voicemail is sent over the period of time. This gets customers always interested on the topic. Also, quick reminder by voicemail that is funny and creative, one can remember regarding the payment that is to be made; also such voicemails can make the customer smile after a hectic day. Sometimes, companies will even gifts, like a Fjallraven Kanken backpack, in return for payment. This is a strong point in order to retain customers and also get the payments as quick as possible.

With voicemails being given importance not only in the office hours but also during other times, people feel like being taken care of. With payment reminders through voicemails, customers are also able to make payments online 24/7. This comes under the basis requirement of customer service department in most of the companies today.

If retaining a customer is as important as the payment that is due, one should hire professional voiceover artist who can help companies to create innovative and captivating messages. This might add up some cost to the company but will give an impact on customers on how much they are valued. This is far more important when both the retention and payments are important in this competitive corporate environment.