Should You Really Get a Snapper Mower?


Are you looking for a high quality mower that’s sure to last? You cannot go wrong with a Snapper Mower. This company is famous for offering premium quality commercial and residential lawn equipment, and is known for their quality rear-engine riders and walk-behind mowers that come with either their patented hi-vac cutting deck or side discharge.

This company has been recognized to make some of the most durable, easy to maintain and operate used riding lawn mowers in the market. In addition, Snapper mower parts are easy to find, since this company has a very strong market presence on and off the web.

Snapper traces its roots way back in 1894, then known as Southern Saw Works. They introduced the industry’s very first self-propelled mower in 1951, and invented the rear engine riding mower. Currently, they are renowned for manufacturing premium lawn care systems for commercial and residential customers alike.

Any wise consumer wants to make sure that he is getting a quality mower. It just makes good sense to buy quality equipment than buy a cheap one every few years. Maintaining a healthy lawn needs a good, durable mower that’s going to leave a nice, clean cut on the grass.

Snapper has a unique rear engine drive and their models come in three-in-one discharge kinds, so you can mulch, side discharge or bag, depending on your choice. Furthermore, you can simply change and select the operation easily based on the condition of your grass.

The snapper models has distinctive features that makes all these possible. Some of the features are:

  • A sealed disc drive transmission and a 4+1 speed gearbox
  • Scynchromesh transmissions on all gears, making it possible for you to alter the speed as you go.
  • Quick steering response and a small turning radius that provides extreme maneuverability. Because of this, even small spaces can be covered.
  • Rear engine models boasts of 16 inch tires.
  • Maintenance is simple with the Stand-on-end feature.
  • Its firm frame can easily follow the contours of the ground.

Although Snapper mowers are very durable, properly maintaining your equipment is one of the most important things you should do to keep it working for a long time. Remember to periodically check and clean all your parts so that your mower will serve you well for years.

Replacing your used Craftsman riding mower with the appropriate Snapper mower parts is simple, just go to your preferred search engine; type your model number to find the product you’re looking for. There are lots of sites that feature quality replacement parts for your equipment. You can also rely on some good sites to quickly deliver those parts to your doorstep.

One important thing that you should know though, Snapper does not sell their mowers and tractors directly to the public. They use independent distributors that market their products to the public.

The Snapper mower parts that you can replace at home with ease, or with the help of a manual, are belts, pulleys, blades, deck parts, gator blades, filters, wheels, throttle controls, idlers, hydro pump, bearings and bushings.